About Us

Xaplos develops award-winning software and hardware solutions for clients worldwide. For over ten years, we have been assisting business, healthcare, government, and individual customers in delivering simple and expandable technology solutions. As a full-service technology consulting firm, we handle all aspects of your projects needs including requirements, specification, management, design, implementation, testing, assembly, and production.


The majority of Xaplos' clients are referrals from other clients, organizations or consulting houses. Because of our impecable track record with customer satisfaction and project success, Xaplos has been able to partner with others in the technology field to further serve clients in meeting their goals. Xaplos is honored that companies like Arrow Electronics has asked us to join their ACES (Arrow Consulting Engineering Services) program.

The Team

The partners at Xaplos have both the necessary formal education and extensive background to deliver simple, expandable and innovative solutions. We have experience in all sectors of the industry and have consulted for governments, nonprofit organizations, privately owned businesses, publicly traded companies and Fortune 100 organizations.

In addition to our in-house team, Xaplos maintains affiliations with other innovative consulting groups giving us access to an elite group of experienced engineers that share our passion and vision.


Want to make a difference?

Xaplos Inc. is looking for outstanding people who are excited about the challenge of designing and creating simple, expandable systems - people who thrive on taking technology where it has never been.

We need individuals with creativity and vision - people who are comfortable with change and who are willing to work beyond the technological boundaries that exist today. You will be challenged to put your curiosity, imagination, and resourcefulness to work. In return, you will have the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and be rewarded for your accomplishments. If these challenges appeal to you, you are a person who can make a difference at Xaplos Inc.

At Xaplos, we strive to create an environment that brings out the best in people. That begins with respect for the individual and a commitment to recognize and reward each person's contributions. We are open to new ideas, we accept diversity, and we are willing to entrust people with significant responsibilities early in their careers. Xaplos Inc. is shaped by the people who work here. The culture reflects our social and business values.

Because we believe that the right work environment can foster innovation, we want to maintain the flexibility and freedom of a small company even as we grow. Individuality is valued at Xaplos. Diversity is cherished and nourished because it kindles creativity, and individual creativity is the source of our success. Most great ideas begin with an individual, but it takes a team of people working together to turn an idea into a product.

Address & Information

Xaplos, Inc.
5846 S Flamingo Rd, #314
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330

Ph. (954) 667-9275