Project Stories

Smart Megapixel Camera

When our Customer, an industry leader in state-of-the-art imaging, was ready to redesign their existing camera product line to "smart" cameras, they contacted Xaplos. Time to market was short, so they drew on Xaplos's embedded software experience to complement their internal resources. Within weeks, new "smart" cameras were shipping with advanced firmware capable of controlling all aspects of the camera's "smart" configurations. Xaplos also leveraged from our expansive toolbox of internal "products" to quickly develop a complete Windows-based application to interact with the newly developed firmware.

Automotive Handheld Device

When our Client wanted to revolutionize the automotive after-market performance industry, they called Xaplos for assistance. Through a partnership between the two companies, Xaplos worked along side their engineers developing the new hardware. Xaplos provided software support for USB, CAN, LCD, touch screen, SD along with full-featured "demo" applications to jumpstart our client's software engineers.

Some of our clients