Xaplos does not sell any products other than our services. Over the course of our 10+ years of consulting, we've accumulated many reusable pieces of intellectual property that could be packaged as commercial offerings including:

  • RTOS
  • Communications stack (CAN, TCP, USB, etc.)
  • Boot loaders
  • Light-weight GUI library
  • Digital logic IP
  • DSP algorithms
  • Advanced simulation models
  • Reference boards / designs

While we leverage these potential building blocks if and when it makes sense for a project, we will never "recommend" our customers purchase one of our offerings as they are not for resale. Since there's no financial benefits to us if a customer decides to use one of our solutions or prefers to leverage a third-party product, we are "free" to recommend the best solution for the given task. Our commitment and resources are 100% dedicated to our customer's needs and not maintaining our own product portfolio.